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Mosaic is an advanced monitoring and control platform whose cutting-edge functionality and extensive range of features
simplify the management of multi-device, multi-vendor networks. Visualize and control your entire network,
from ingest to delivery, in real-time. Minimize service outages, maximize revenue and ensure SLA compliance with fast
and accurate fault detection and resolution. Provision services, configure devices and complex networks, all with the touch
of a button. Give your operators and engineers the tools they need to succeed, give them Mosaic.


From source to delivery.
Monitor and control your network,
detect and resolve outages
quickly and easily.

From the service delivery
to uplink power control.
Mosaic provides the tools you
need to effectively control your
The dynamic world of IPTV
demands a flexible NMS
Mosaic supports the most
demanding environments.
From iDirect to allowing
customers to see their service
status, Mosaic has you covered

The dynamic world of IPTV
demands a flexible NMS
Mosaic supports the most
demanding environments.

Security, Fire Prevention,
Light and Heat, Mosaic monitors
your entire facility.


Mosaic is the right solution for your entire organization – Engineering, Operations, and Administration


Mosaic provides a rich set of features that caters to all monitor and control needs.


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June 11th, 2021|

NAB 2021 is on, and MNC Software will be there to show you all the robust new features that Mosaic 10 has to offer! Click here to set up a private demo at the show. We are pleased to offer our customers and colleagues a FREE Exhibits-Only Pass. Simply head over to NAB Amplify 2021 and sign up for a free account. Once signed up, click on the “Claim Your Free NAB Exhibits Pass” flyer on the NAB Amplify Homepage.  Use Guest Pass Code: LV8323.

June 28th, 2021|

MNC Software Inc. will be at Broadcast Asia 2022 in Singapore. Stay tuned for new dates and times!

June 28th, 2021|

MNC Software Inc. will be at IBC 2022 in Amsterdam.  Stay tuned for new dates and times!


[Live Webinar – September 30, 2021] NAB Show Update and . . . Introducing Tessera . . . Next Level Asset Management!!

The unfortunate news is out – NAB 2021 is canceled.  NAB Show 2022 is currently scheduled for April 23-27, 2022.   Although we won’t be discussing our presence at NAB 2021, we will be discussing plans for the October 9-14, 2021 time slot and how you can still sign up for private demo’s!  We’ll also go over the incredible new features of Mosaic 10, and MNC Software will proudly introduce our latest asset management software – Tessera!

Our next webinar will be on Thursday, September 30th @ 8:30am Pacific/ 11:30am Eastern/ 3:30 UTC.   Join us as we walk through a few new features of Mosaic 10 and share information about Tessera, our powerful new asset storage tool and what it means for you. Don’t’ miss this informative preview with President, James Bloomfield, CEO, David Allen and VP of Global Sales, Bil Apker.

Here’s what we’ll be highlighting:


  • News about the canceled show
  • How to score a private demo
  • Free Exhibitor Pass Code

Mosaic 10

  • Expand your reach with HTML5 dashboards using the latest Angular technology
  • Integrate with applications you already use – Slack, Microsoft Teams, OpsGenie, etc.
  • Better ROI features
  • Expanded cloud integration
  • Kiosk Mode


  • Next Level Asset Management

Join us Thursday, September 30th @ 8:30am Pacific/ 11:30am Eastern/ 3:30 UTC

Register Here:

Score a Private Demo Here:

[Live Webinar – July 22, 2021] Mosaic 10 – The New Standard In Monitor and Control

Mosaic 10 has been released and comes with a ton of new features for productivity and connectivity.   Our upcoming webinar will be devoted to discussing Mosaic 10 and its wide-ranging capabilities.  On hand for the discussion will be our Director of Software Engineering, Joel Bredeson, and our Director of Professional Services, Paul Mueller, along with CEO, David Allen and VP of Global Sales, Bil Apker.  Here are some of the powerful new features that will be highlighted: 

– More intuitive user interface

– More connectivity to devices

– Easier to setup and create custom dashboards (D.I.Y)

– Expand your reach with HTML5 dashboards using the latest Angular technology

– Integrate with applications you already use – Slack, Microsoft Teams, OpsGenie, etc.

– Better ROI features

– Expanded cloud integration

Our customers asked and we answered!  They needed more tools to solve their problems, so we put it all in Mosaic 10.

Join us Thursday July 22nd at 8:30am Pacific/ 11:30am Eastern/ 3:30 UTC

Register Here!

[Webinar – Replay from June 30, 2021] – Solutions For All Applications

If you missed the opportunity to join us for our June 30, 2021 webinar “Solutions For All Applications”, you can now register and access the replay!  Our informative discussion with Louis-Charles Cuierrier (Comlab Telecommunications –, John Ahern (Comlab Telecommunications), and Alan Brown (Radica Broadcast Systems) revealed the many layers of intelligent site management and how Mosaic 10 and Davicom products integrate seamless for virtually any application.  We also enjoyed some light-hearted stories of travels to remote transmitters for some consulting, installation and maintenance. 

Learn how Mosaic 10’s advanced capabilities fit seamlessly into your applications. Register now and receive access to the Webinar Replay.  If you are ready for a live demo, contact Bil Apker,  

Register to receive access to the replay below:

[Webinar Replay] Behind the Scenes at NET: Total Monitoring and Control of Broadcast Systems and Beyond

Sign up for the replay here

Hear how public broadcaster NET (Nebraska Educational Telecommunications) made a complete transition from a complex and aging system to the Mosaic advanced monitoring and control platform.

Sign up here for a live webinar with our special guest:
David Stewart, Chief Engineer of Network Operations at NET

Join the conversation and learn how to:

  • Migrate from numerous systems and interfaces to just one
  • Consolidate multiple TV and radio stations and more into a single system
  • Use visibility and control over your entire network to solve additional problems
  • Extend advanced monitoring and control across external facilities

Mosaic Helps Cable Head-End Provider Automate Channel Rollouts

A cable head-end provider in Canada was manually provisioning a large number of new channels. This required them to manually configure every step of that chain, creating opportunities for error.

The Mosaic team sat down with them and designed a system that would take control of rolling out those channels, using live inputs from them, and reconfiguring the broadcast equipment. This ensured that the entire network, from end to end, was configured correctly so they could quickly roll out new channels to paying customers.

Mosaic helped them save many hours that would have been spent reconfiguring and checking the network, enabling them to roll out channels much faster.

The provider learned that Mosaic is not only great for live monitoring of their broadcast equipment, it’s also ideal for provisioning and managing channels within head-end facilities.

If you could use help with the roll-out of new channels, send us a message to schedule a live online demo.

[Webinar Replay] Monitoring: The Last Thing On Your Mind

In our recent MNC webinar, we shared the story about engineers lugging hardware up a mountain with no roads for the Voice of Vietnam. They can’t travel to the transmitter sites every time they need to check a generator, so they use Mosaic to monitor their equipment.

You may not have transmitters on a mountain, but traveling to transmitter locations is still probably inconvenient… especially when you’re trying to quickly diagnose a problem that’s taking you off the air. Watch the webinar replay to hear how Mosaic is used in the real world.

In the webinar replay you’ll find out how Mosaic helps you:

  • Significantly reduce your outages
  • Spot potential problems before they take you off the air
  • Avoid traveling to transmitter sites to troubleshoot problems
  • To see the Webinar transcript, click here.

When you’re ready to schedule a live online demo, you can connect with Bil Apker at or send us a message.


Visit MNC Software at IBC 2019 | September 13 – 17 | RAI Amsterdam | Hall 8 C95