The chief engineer of a leading radio provider in the UK had a unique problem: They were running their signals out to a third-party network, which is common in the UK and Europe, and they had no visibility of the channels and services they were putting out.

The Mosaic team sat down with the chief engineer and looked at how Mosaic could help him monitor their network from end to end so they’d have the visibility they needed. Within a couple of weeks, Mosaic was monitoring all the equipment on their end, as well as the off-air signals coming from the transmitter site. For the first time, they had 100% visibility of their network.

Even more importantly, the Mosaic reporting tools allowed them to figure out when they were off-air so they could take that information to the third party provider and recover lost revenues. Watch this one-minute video to hear the story.

If you’d like this kind of visibility and reporting on your network, send us a message and we’ll schedule a live online demo so you can see how Mosaic can make your job easier.