We met with engineers at ION Media recently and discovered they were having a real problem. They were receiving thousands of alerts each day from their devices, making it impossible for them to determine which were real concerns and which were just false alarms. This meant they couldn’t identify the specific problems that were causing them to go off-air.

So we built a Mosaic system that allows ION engineers to quickly and easily identify when they are off-air, spot any network problems that could potentially take them off-air, and we developed a plan for getting them back on-air quickly so they can continue to generate revenues.

Within one day we were able to eliminate 90% of those false alerts and ION now had a clear picture of where problems lay on the network. ION Media was blown away by what we were able to do for them in a short amount of time.

If you’re ready for a clearer picture of your network, send us a message to schedule an online demo. Mosaic by MNC Software can help make your job easier.