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MNC Software is a forward-thinking and innovative company focused on supplying high-quality software and software services to the aerospace and broadcasting industries. Our engineering team has over 50 years of experience developing and integrating mission critical real-time monitor and control systems. We have worked on programs as diverse as multi-satellite mission control centers to broadcast network management. Our experience with these disparate monitor and control system requirements and operational philosophies has instilled in us the need for the following company-wide principles:

  • Superior software architecture
  • Highest quality standards
  • Exceptional customer communication and support

These principles are evident in our core products, Mosaic and Tessera, and the consistent high level of satisfaction of our customers around the world. Mosaic has been in use for 10 years and has been deployed in all broadcast operations environments, including:

  • Radio and television broadcasts
  • Traditional linear and OTT broadcast
  • Satellite uplink facilities and terrestrial uplink antennas
  • Cable HFC headend

At MNC Software, we are committed to providing broadcast and network operators with the tools and solutions to simplify the complex tasks required of them.

Our Products

Control Anything, Anywhere, Anytime, Every Time

Control Anything, Anywhere, Anytime, Every Time

Mosaic is an advanced monitoring and control platform whose cutting-edge functionality and extensive range of features simplify the management of multi-device, multi-vendor networks. Visualize and control your entire network, from ingest to delivery, in real-time. Minimize service outages, maximize revenue and ensure SLA compliance with fast and accurate fault detection and resolution. Provision services, configure devices and complex networks, all with the touch of a button. Give your operators and engineers the tools they need to succeed, give them Mosaic.

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Next Level Asset Management

Next Level Asset Management

Tessera is a light-weight and cost effective asset management system. It’s unique design allows it to adapt to all industries and is fully integrated into Mosaic to provide seamless control of all assets within your facility or across your entire organization. Track and automate the entire asset lifecycle, track services and reprovision networks at the touch of a button.

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Mosaic 10 and Tessera – Live Demos!!

MNC Software is proud to present MNC LIVE! Join us for a series of free live demos! This is an opportunity to see live demos of our powerful top products – Mosaic 10 and Tessera.  Mosaic 10 – Monitor and Control Anything, Anywhere, Anytime Expand your reach with HTML5 dashboards using the latest Angular technology Integrate with applications you already use - Slack, Microsoft Teams, OpsGenie, etc. Better ROI features [...]

Mosaic Helps Cable Head-End Provider Automate Channel Rollouts

A cable head-end provider in Canada was manually provisioning a large number of new channels. This required them to manually configure every step of that chain, creating opportunities for error. The Mosaic team sat down with them and designed a system that would take control of rolling out those channels, using live inputs from them, and reconfiguring the broadcast equipment. This ensured that the entire network, from end to end, [...]


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